Desk Mat for Gamers

Desk Mat for Gamers

When playing games, literally any flat space will do, but a gaming desk mat sure spices things up and improves your overall gaming performance. 

Mousepads have long been the most efficient product to run your mouse through. However, it sure makes a nice gaming PC setup dull and lackluster. Desk mats are a much better option to add to your gaming setup as it provides comfort and motivates boldness when printed with various designs.

Desk mats can also prevent spills, scratches, and other factors that can destroy the surface of your desk. There are now a wide variety of desk mats to choose from that can match any of your preferences or environment. 

So whether you’re looking for a desk mat for yourself or as a gift to your game-loving friends, you might want to take a look and consider these trendy designs.

Desk Mat for Gamers

1. RGB Gaming Desk Mat

Many gaming rooms are filled with cool lights to feel like you are being transported in another virtual world. This is the perfect gift for video gamers as it is surrounded by static light modes and dynamic modes.

Despite the bright lights embedded on this mat, it won’t hinder you from properly viewing the monitor of your computer or laptop. It is composed of a nano-textured cloth surface that enhances in-game response and ensures that it is sensitive to every mouse movement that allows you to enjoy the accuracy of movements when playing. Its anti-slip base can firmly grip your desk and its nylon stitched edges make it durable and long-lasting. You are definitely getting the value for your money.

2. PECHAM 3mm Gaming Mouse Pad

PECHAM’s Gaming Desk Mat is a budget option but a durable choice. The pad is large enough to fit both your mouse and keyboard so there is plenty of space to accommodate all your movements while playing.

The desk mat has a waterproof coating that prevents spilled liquids and other accidents from damaging your gadgets and desk. It is also lightweight that brings the most comfortable gaming experience you will ever have. If you’re fond of minimalist designs to complement your gaming space or you are looking for an office desk mat, this all-black surface is definitely for you.

3. Anpollo Speed Gaming Desk Mat

Eye-catching gaming designs were always about the fusion of light and dark. Most gaming desk mat designs from Anpollo are characterized by these elements. It has delicate stitched edges made to  prevent the mat from degumming and fraying. This enhances the aesthetic and lifespan of the product.

Unlike ordinary mouse pads, this has a double-weaved fabric surface that makes it tighter and smoother. The pad is made of environmentally-friendly material backed ROHS Certificate to ensure safety. 

4. Trust Me I’m a Gamer Desk Mat

The “Trust me, I am this professional” tagline has been popular over the past years. Apparently, the gaming desk mat also has its own version. If you are one of those who are fond of this statement, this desk mat from OZDesignsArt is your go-to layout.

You can add personal touches to this design as it is fully customizable. The anti-slip backing and hemmed edges were made for durability and stability. Get not only an awesome design but also a strong and lasting product quality.

5. Galaxy Desk Mat

You will never go wrong with a galaxy-filled gaming desk mat to match your gaming dark room. The design will stand out and highlight your system setup for all your friends to see. It has an ultra-smooth surface made of superfine braided material for optimal accuracy of your virtual movement.

You will be surprised by its intensive slip-resistant curve bottom that firmly grips the desktop and ensure your stable operation and water-resistant attributes that effectively prevents accidental damage from spilled liquid. The important thing is its durability and quality that’s worth the purchase for yourself or a gift for gamers.

7. Bimor Extended Gaming Desk Mat

Bold gaming character designs in your desk mats are also trendy. Bimor gaming desk mat offers a large selection of aesthetic character designs to choose from.

The anti-slip rubber base allows mouse pad stability which is perfect for sweaty gamers who keep on slipping from their mouse during the game. It is optimized for both laser and optical gaming that easily makes speedy controlled mouse movements. If you’re looking for a desk mat for casual gaming, this is the line to choose from.


We all know about the different functionalities and benefits that we can get from choosing a desk mat over a mouse pad as it is all-encompassing. The question now boils down to the qualities that you should consider in purchasing your first desk mat.

It is important to first know that the material is made of and it is capable of protecting the things it is supposed to protect. Next are the convenience and user-experience that allow you to enhance your gaming performance. And lastly, you may also consider the printing technique used that will preserve the designs on the surface despite multiple usages. Remember these important points and you are good to go.

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