8 Cute Animal Printed Desk Mats for Pet Lovers

8 Cute Animal Printed Desk Mats for Pet Lovers


You may not pay attention to them too much but desk mats are silent heroes that can boost gaming performance for video game players. They do not only provide support for the keyboard but it also ensures accurate tracking especially in precision-based games. For those who do not play games but are working with a computer, desk mats provide a non-slip surface to resist sliding of paper and other small office equipment. It is a must if you want to create an ergonomic workstation.

Usually, an office desk mat solely depends on one’s preference. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and thickness but when it comes to the design, you can absolutely not go wrong with an animal print. Pet lovers will find it exciting to know that there are desk mats that will be cherished by those who terribly love fur babies. A desk mat for pet lovers will not only change your game but will most definitely make your cool factor soar! 

Check out this collection of desk mat for pet lovers that we have picked out just for you:

Dachshund Overload Personalized Desk Mat

First on this list is this adoring desk mat for pet lovers that is printed with one of the cutest dog breeds, the dachshund. It looks cute but what makes it really special is that it is also built to last. The neoprene material is 4mm thick and with an anti-slip backing. This will ensure that you will have a comfortable surface to work with and never have to worry about the keyboard moving about on your desk. The hemmed edge assures durability of the whole mat and that it will not fray on the edges.

ITNRSIIET Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

This XXL mousepad features a cute elephant print. It is large enough to have both the keyboard and the mouse on the high-quality Lycra surface. It is also foldable so you can carry it around whether you want to work in the office or you have to bring your work home.

Blue Corgi Overload Personalized Desk Mat

Corgis are totally stunning and this desk mat for pet lovers featuring corgi heads should be a cute addition to your work station. The smooth surface allows accurate mouse movements and it is waterproof too so you can easily wipe it clean should there be any accidental spills. 

Mustard Cats and Fishbones

A cat mom or cat dad will find this as the best gift for pet lovers. The print is too cute not to be noticed and will be great as a functional décor on your desk. The non-slip backing feature will ensure that the mat, along with your keyboard and mouse, will provide a heavy grip and will help prevent sliding or unnecessary movements. 

Cute Dogs Club Personalized Desk Mat

Can’t decide which desk mat for pet lovers to get? Why not choose this endearing cute dogs print? Those puppy eyes will keep you entertained as you work through your day. Aside from the design, this desk mat is also built to give you the best experience whether you are working or playing. The smooth surface is large enough and the delicate edges are hemmed to ensure durability.

Yellow Kawaii Luna and Artemis Sailor Moon Desk Mat

Who can dare resist these cute felines? This desk mat for pet lovers should be awesome if you want to be surrounded with positive vibes at work. The design may be cute but what makes it the best is that this mat has tons of space for both your keyboard and mouse. The thick neoprene material gives a comfortable cushiony feel so you can endure hours of working or playing in front of your computer. 

Cute Orange Rabbit and Carrots Kawaii Desk Mat

Rabbits are also popular as pets and you can never resist the kawaii overload that this desk mat for pet lovers brings. The soft neoprene fabric is so cushiony at 4mm thick and it also has a non-slip backing feature. You may personalize it if you want to give it as a gift or yu can have it for your own desk. 

Your Dog’s Photo

What can be more adorable than your own dog’s photo for your customized desk mat for pet lovers? Get one from OfficeDeskMat and they will be glad to have your own design! You will surely have tons of fun designing your own desk mat and feel comforted at the thought of having your dear pet with you while working. It will surely be a great motivation for any hardworking dog mom or dog dad. 

What are the best desk mat features should you look for before buying one?

Quality desk mats are a must if you want to be comfortable while working or playing in your computer. You should look for a desk mat that is thick enough to provide cushion and it should also have a non-slip backing material to ensure protection. The design should also be nice as it will help create a nice atmosphere while working or playing. The cute prints on any desk mat for pet lovers featured on this list will truly lighten up your day.  

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