Brighten Up Your Workspace with these 21 Kawaii Desk Mats

Brighten Up Your Workspace with these 21 Kawaii Desk Mats

Kawaii is the culture of celebrating cute, lovable, and adorable stuff. It can refer to many things that appear youthful or childlike, taking on the sweet, refreshing, and lovable persona of children or animals. 

'Kawaii' also embodies the feeling of excitement and freshness when seeing cute things. They are so visually satisfying that helps you de-stress and keeps you elated throughout the day. No wonder why kawaii dominated not only Japan, but it is also slowly and steadily increasing its fandom in western countries. 

If you are looking for a way to bring this cute culture into your own style, Office Desk Mat is a good place to start. These kawaii-themed desk mats will surely charm you and will perfectly suit your kawaii working or gaming space.

Here are our 21 best-selling, highly-recommended kawaii desk mat products you can find from our collection.


1. Fruit Milk Desk Mat


Fruit Milk Desk Mat


This funky design will add a pop of brightness into your office space. You will be more motivated to do work (or play) and the comfort that this well-made desk mat will no doubt fuel your creativity.


$22.90 | BUY This Product


2. Fuji Spring Desk Mat


Fuji Spring Desk Mat 


Take the magical Mt. Fuji into your table with this pretty Fuji in Spring desk mat. The bright tinge of colors will make you want to book a flight to Japan, come spring season. It is a simple yet fun way to decorate your space beautifully.


$22.90 | BUY This Product


3. Fruit Soda Cans Desk Mat

  Fruit Soda Cans Desk Mat   

Want a pop of dainty colors in your work setup? The delicate polka dot patterns add a nice touch to the sweet-looking soda cans. You will have tons of fun working when you have this cute fruit soda cans desk mat on your table!


$22.90 | BUY This Product


4. Bunnies and Milk Strawberries Kawaii Desk Mat


Bunnies and Milk Strawberries Kawaii Desk Mat


Bunnies plus milk and strawberries make for a very cute kawaii design! The illustrations look so relaxing and will surely add a smile on your face even for a hectic day at work.


$22.90 | BUY This Product


5. Kawaii Strawberry Beverages, Pink Desk Mat

  Kawaii Strawberry Beverages, Pink Desk Mat    

Do a kawaii makeover on your office space with this strawberry drinks desk mat. The design looks enticing and will make your computer setup a tad neater.


$22.90 | BUY This Product


6. Rabbits and Carrots Desk Mat - Orange

  Rabbits and Carrots Desk Mat - Orange  

Pet lovers will find this rabbits and carrots desk mat too cute to handle! Have it at your desk to show your fun and loveable personality. This design would also be perfect to personalize as gifts to officemates, friends, and loved ones.


$22.90 | BUY This Product


7. Fruit Milk Carton Box Desk Mat

Fruit Milk Carton Box Desk Mat 

Japan is fairly known to have quirky food and drinks, especially with their milk! These milk cartons in popular flavors will give you a taste of the unique Japanese culture, aside from making your work station look fabulous!


$22.90 | BUY This Product


8. Spring Koi Fish Desk Mat

 Spring Koi Fish Desk Mat

Cherry blossoms instantly give you kawaii vibes, especially when they are in full bloom! This spring-inspired design featuring Koi fishes and the dainty cherry blossom flowers will look pretty on your work table.


$22.90 | BUY This Product


9. Hamsters and Peach Soda Desk Mat

Hamsters and Peach Soda Desk Mat 

A girly-pink theme will look amazing with this Hamsters and Peach Soda desk mat. The design looks cheerful and fun, that it will instantly perk you up after a long day in front of the computer.


$22.90 | BUY This Product


10. The Great Wave Desk Mat - Pink

The Great Wave Desk Mat - Pink 

Feel instantly calmed and refreshed with the colors of the ocean---in pastel hues! This Great Wave desk mat will transform your ho-hum corner with fun vibes. Make it your inspiration to work harder so you can play harder later!


$22.90 | BUY This Product


11. Four-Flavored Soda Desk Mat

Four-Flavored Soda Desk Mat 

Add a dash of fun into your office corner with this Four Flavored Soda kawaii desk mat. The blend of colors is so relaxing and will add more beauty to your current setup.


$22.90 | BUY This Product


12. Bunnies and Strawberries Desk Mat

Bunnies and Strawberries Desk Mat 

Bunnies and strawberries always look cute together! Impress your workmates on your incredible taste with this kawaii desk mat. It looks fun and bubbly just like your personality.


$22.90 | BUY This Product


13. Hamsters and Strawberries Desk Mat - Pink

Hamsters and Strawberries Desk Mat - Pink 

Flood your office space with cuteness with this Hamsters and Strawberries desk mat! The pink themed kawaii desk mat will instantly perk you up and make you smile while working.


$22.90 | BUY This Product


14. Mermaid Scale Desk Mat - Pink

Mermaid Scale Desk Mat - Pink 

Get that sassy mermaid vibes going with this kawaii mermaid scale desk mat in pastel pink hues. If you simply love the ocean then you will absolutely adore this in your office table.


$22.90 | BUY This Product


15. Mermaid Scale Desk Mat - Blue

 Mermaid Scale Desk Mat - Blue

Whether as an accent or as the central attraction in your office space, this mermaid scale desk mat in blue hues will totally glam up your table.


$22.90 | BUY This Product


16. Four-Flavored Milk Desk Mat

Four-Flavored Milk Desk Mat 

You will never go out of style with this four flavored milk desk mat on your table. The design looks so dainty that it will add fresh vibes into your corner.


$22.90 | BUY This Product


17. Cats and Fishbones Desk Mat - Pink

 Cats and Fishbones Desk Mat - Pink 

Cute cats and fishbone printed desk pad will never fail to brighten up every cat lovers’ workspace. This kawaii desk mat will perfectly fit into your office space and will make you smile all day long.


$22.90 | BUY This Product


18. Kawaii Peach Desk Mat

 Kawaii Peach Desk Mat

This pink desk mat will make your table look glowing with the kawaii peach theme. It has a minimalistic design but will instantly add an aesthetic touch to your side of the office.


$22.90 | BUY This Product


19. Mount Fuji Desk Mat - Pink

Mount Fuji Desk Mat - Pink 

Bring back spring memories with this pink Mount Fuji designed desk mat. The design is so simple and yet will give you fun vibes as it reminds you of your fond Japan memories.


$22.90 | BUY This Product


20. Honey Bee Kawaii Desk Mat

 Honey Bee Kawaii Desk Mat

Honey and Bees is the perfect pair! Have this desk mat at your table and you will be smitten with the cute bees hovering over a delectable honey drink.


$22.90 | BUY This Product


21. Corgi Pattern Desk Mat

Corgi Pattern Desk Mat

The playful personality of corgis is perfectly captured in this corgi patterned desk mat. The adorable corgi illustrations will give anyone a boost of fun vibes plus a lovely personal touch to your office space.


$22.90 | BUY This Product


Liven up your day with a quality Kawaii desk mat in your office! These 21 cute kawaii desk mats are so versatile. They are perfect for both work and play. The soft neoprene and fabric polyester used for each desk mat is added with a non-skid natural rubber backing. This means that it will not budge even with endless hours of using your computer.

The kawaii designs also elevate the overall ambience of your working space. They are adorable in such a way that they can encourage you to stay happy and alert while working. They can be a cute way to motivate you to hustle with each of your projects every day.

Each kawaii desk mat in this collection is made and shipped from the US. Do take note that orders usually arrive within 12 business days for US addresses and 30 business days for packages that are to be shipped internationally.


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